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Great things in small packages

Its been a remarkably strange week at Scotch & Co. It started with the much anticipated launch of our packaged scotch egg for the grab and go market. This was a labour of love. Every corner, every fold, every colour, every word, was paid for in blood, sweat, tears, sleep, wrinkles and lots of good old fashioned cash. It was a huge leap of faith for us and admittedly exceptionally daunting. But, after seeing the demand for our scotch eggs growing year after year, we knew there was an opportunity for us to reach new customers looking for a convenient, scrumptious grab and go scotch egg. So we jumped head first into the new world of design briefs and type fonts and recyclable materials etc etc.... We have a new found appreciation for every product we see beautifully packaged on a shop shelf, knowing now just how much is invested in getting it right.

After months of work, finally sharing our new scotch egg range was a nerve wracking moment, but we are ecstatic with the response so far and we have a sneaky feeling we've got it right....or more specifically Offshoot has got it right. The colours, the fonts, the biodegradable materials, the logo with that oozy yolk image that speaks a thousand words about our scotch eggs, everything about it just made us so happy. We couldn't have hoped for any better.

And then..... the gift of a headline story. All the major news outlets (BBC, The Guardian, STV, Sky News) picked up and ran a story on 30th November about the scotch egg as the saviour of the hospitality industry in tier 2 areas of England. Tiers of joy- Suddenly every person reading the news was thinking scotch egg, and their next substantial meal.

So here we are, ready to take on the food to go world with our glorious new boxed scotch eggs and we cannot wait to feed our new customers. If you are a retail customer about to stock our new scotch eggs, please get in touch with a photo. We'd love to see them in their new homes.

2020 has certainly had its 'moments' (understatement of the decade). But, we're planning on going out on a high, and hope 2021 brings amazing things for everybody because we all deserve it.

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