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April Full

For us and many of our wholesale customers this has been the longest year ever. We're grateful to have weathered the storm so far and have nothing but admiration for the deli's and shops who have continued to serve their customers and keep us all in business during this time. It has not been easy.

With spring in touching distance it feels like there is finally hope for the future as people cautiously emerge from hibernation and businesses slowly reopen. While we all remain rightly nervous about what happens next, we can't help but feel a bit excited for life to resume and to see the places where doors have been closed for so long reopen. We may be a long way from normality but, moving in the right direction feels good and it shows everywhere we go. One by one new and old wholesale and hospitality customers, from the Highlands and Islands, to Milton Keynes, London and the North East are getting in touch with plans for the future and for the first time in a long time there is a real sense of optimism.

It's been a long time coming and we can't help but feel hopeful this April. We wish nothing but good things for all the businesses out there moving forward and we can't wait to work with you all again and help keep your customers well fed in 2021. Good luck to everybody about to throw open the doors, we hope you enjoy being back doing what you do best.

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