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recipe for scotch egg success

The one thing we are asked more often than any other question is- "how do you get your yolks like that?". Other incarnations of this question include "what do you inject your eggs with?" (yes, we've really been asked that), and "how do you inject the egg into the meat?" (yup, another genuine question). This tells us two things.... some folk are really obsessed with injecting food, and cooking the perfect scotch egg remains a mystery to many.

The answer, no we don't inject anything anywhere. That would be silly. There isn't really a secret to it. We use exceptionally good, fresh, free range eggs from Corrie Mains Farm and we have had lots and lots of practice cooking eggs to the perfect consistency. As for how the egg gets inside the meat, well if you haven't worked it out, we cook and peel the egg first, wrap our precisely portioned pork sausage meat from the famous Ramsay of Carluke around said egg, bath in eggwash, flour and coat with the perfect quantity of panko breadcrumb it before cooking it to perfection in golden rapeseed oil.

Sounds like a lot of work right? It is. Yes, you could spend hours researching the perfect scotch egg recipe and refining your technique, or you could find one of our scrumptious scotch eggs at any number of food outlets across the country and save yourself the hassle. Ready to eat, wherever you happen to be.

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