We make scotch eggs really really well.


It all started in 2014 with an idea for a food business using brilliant local ingredients. It was all a bit vague and spontaneous then, but one of the things we made and sold at farmers markets using the amazing produce available on our doorstep in Ayrshire were scotch eggs.  They became so popular we forgot all other food types existed and we became the countries leading authority on all things scotch egg.


With great taste comes great demand.  We've since scaled up to a bigger kitchen, more equipment, and we hired a brilliant team of chefs who became even more skilled than us in the way of the scotch egg. 


Things have changed a lot since our first farmers market. We still make a weekly appearance at Stockbridge Market in Edinburgh where we keep locals and bemused tourists in steady supply.  However, now you'll also find us at some of the biggest food festivals and events, as well as supplying a range of the country's best loved shops, deli's, cafe's, restaurants and bars with our award winning scotch eggs.


Amazingly, each one is still made the same way as our very first- by hand, with great care and great ingredients- because we know that's how the best scotch eggs are made.

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