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scotch & Co - The New Future

Looking back at some previous blog posts its hard to believe these things happened just a few months ago. What a year. It's far from over but we are lucky to have weathered the storm so far, even with many of our food service customers still closed and all our seasonal events cancelled. Taking a step back and looking at how much the world has changed in just a few months doesn't it feel like were all living is some kind of weird alternate universe?

Like lots of other businesses we've felt the impact and we really feel for those who still face a lot of uncertainty about the future. Our future isn't what we thought it would be when we were making plans six months ago. But, as a food producer, we have been fortunate to be able to continue to operate and we have a spacious environment safe for our staff to work in. We'd like to sincerely thank our great team for their patience, hard work and loyalty at what must have been a very worrying time for them. They have never let us down and we hope we can return the favour as we venture forth into this weird new world.

While we lost many of our routes to market like the big annual events and weekly/ monthly markets, many of our retail stockists have done incredible jobs of remained open for customers to access food and drink and we have continued to supply them with our scotch eggs throughout the lockdown duration. We know how much hard work goes in to making these environments as safe as possible for customers and we are eternally grateful you have continued to fill your shelves with our products. We would also like to thank the customers who have supported so many local shops and come out in force to buy food and drink from artisan producers. We know with cafes and restaurants closed many people are getting imaginative with their dinner repertoire and we couldn't be more grateful you are choosing our scotch eggs as your indulgent treat.

As for the future, with things slowly reopening sector by sector and with travel restrictions due to lift very shortly, we hope to see the hospitality and tourism trade slowly spring back to life. We know it will be a very different experience from before but we really wish everyone well in their endeavours. I hope a sense of normality can return sometime not too far away. We miss eating out, socialising and going to big events as much as you all do and we can't wait to do these things again. We will certainly appreciate them so much more.

Finally, a huge thank you to everybody we have worked with over the years and continue to work with- Suppliers, stockists, distributors, advisors, designers, organisers..... We are privileged to know so many inspiring, diverse, and dedicated people and we wish you all every success and happiness in whatever the new future brings.

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