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We're lucky to live in a small rural village with a small but perfectly formed community, including (maybe most importantly) three pubs, a butchers, a chemist, an interior design shop, a hairdressers, a dentist, a newspaper shop (still going strong) a gift shop, a dog groomers, an accountant, a bakers, a beauty salon, a beauty therapist, a coffee outlet, a Chinese takeaway, a snooker and five a side football hall, an Italian chip/ ice cream/ wine shop, an Indian take away, a bowling club, a golf club and two convenience stores. Every need catered for which is jut as well given the severe lack of public transport, especially during the recent Brigadooning we've experienced that had us cut off from the rest of society.

However, the heart of this moated utopia we call Lochwinnoch wouldn't beat without The Junction, our local cafe. Ivan and Jo Minucci haven't just created a safe haven from the constant downpours- where locals and interlopers, passing cyclists and workers, delivery drivers and bird watchers, writers, artists and musicians gather to dry off, heat up and beat the village jungle drums- they make the best cakes, lovely coffee, and genuinely care about their customers and the community they serve. They are also passionate supporters of local producers and offer their customers an exceptional range of well sourced Scottish food and drink. Thankfully that includes handmade scotch eggs from Scotch & Co. There have been weeks where we have more of less lived within the four walls of our local café, so to see our scotch eggs on the shelf and on the menu, and watch customers come in to ask for them will never stop giving us a wee thrill. They even kindly allowed us to take over (in my view) their best people watching table during as busy service for a product photoshoot.

It's places like The Junction, who've supported us from our very early stages and went above and beyond, that have helped us become what we are now.... overweight, busy, caffeine addicted and very very grateful.

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