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The great Scottish weather debacle

Working winter..... What can I say? It can be every bit as challenging (mental) as it sounds. This winter has been no exception and with Ciara and Dennis continuing to reek havoc, it has been tough going. First Perth Farmers Market was affected. Despite market day being quite pleasant, the strong early morning winds made it impossible to erect market stalls and we found ourselves wielding scotch eggs to our customers from the side of our trusty van. Perth folks are hardy though, and our regular scotch egg loving customers who had been without their fix since December came out in force to stock pile for the following incoming storms.

As luck would have it Stockbridge Market bore the full force of storm Ciara's wrath. This time the gales continued throughout the day. Only the brave came out to trade, including yours truly, arriving in record time due to the strong tail winds. Along with just eight other hardy/self employed fools we found ourselves going full McGyver creating a sturdy and secure market in the most challenging of conditions. We proudly stood like a troop of triumphant warriors awaiting the rampage of customers coming to hail our victorious efforts and buy all the scotch eggs, fruit, veg, breads, preserves, fresh meat, fish.... It didn't happen. A handful of our most loyal scotch egg loving customers actually arrived by what we can only assume was amphibian vehicle. When most sane people would stay confined to the safety and warmth of their Stockbridge smallholding we feel it is so important to let these people know genuinely how much it means to us that they came. I hope they read this and feel a wee bit warm and fuzzy their custom keeps the cogs turning, keeps good people in jobs and children clothed and fed.

Next... another weekend, another storm. Dennis is on the way and doing his damn best to impede our wholesale scotch egg deliveries-and again disrupt Stockbridge Market proceedings. We wont let that happen. Again we will channel our inner MacGyver and turn up like the crazy self employed fools we are and again we hope our customers continue to keep our faith in the strong scotch egg love Stockbridge folks have nurtured over the years. If you didn't make it last week don't worry, I hope you'll join the scotch egg revolution this week.

So, here's to the Scottish weather- it's bonkers, but we're maniacs who need to pay the bills so wont be beaten. See you on Sunday.

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