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safety and survival

You would think our main supplies included pork and eggs, and you would be right. To our customers its pretty much what we are all about. But, what you don't see is, behind the scenes, the ridiculously massive haul of hygiene products we go through every single week. As a food producer for retail outlets we, rightly, have to follow stringent health and safety protocol. We have always done this to maintain our exceptionally high standards of hygiene. We still make delicious artisan handmade scotch eggs of deep joy, but our production kitchen, isn't like your home kitchen. We carry out risk assessments for every process we undertake to make sure that our product is safe. It is a sterile environment where all staff entering the kitchen must wear protective clothing and footwear, single use blue gloves and hair nets. No jewellery, make up or perfume are allowed. We look a right sight. Strict handwashing rules are adhered to and kitchen surfaces and floors are frequently sterilised. We take regular swabs of kitchen surfaces and send them to labs for analysis to ensure our stringent cleaning regime works. This isn't new. It's just what we do as a responsible food business. We don't shout about it often, because frankly its not very glamorous, but given the current circumstances we just wanted everyone to know we do everything in our power to keep our staff and customers safe and we always will.

We are navigating completed unknown territory and many business, like ours, are facing a lot of uncertainty. Everybody still needs to eat, but reading headlines of supermarket shelves being cleared of food, while small food and drink businesses suffer a drop in customers is un nerving to say the least. Please don't abandon your local shops, bars and restaurants. They need your custom more than ever and are going above and beyond to keep your environment as clean and safe as possible for you. As long as we can we will be delivering scotch eggs to our usual wholesale and food service customers and we will be at our usual events over the coming weeks. For our market customers benefit, we will have additional hand wash and steriliser available and we encourage people to make use of these. We would also encourage customers to use contactless card payments rather than handling cash. To our wholesale customers, you will notice our delivery driver wearing single use gloves for each delivery. It's all these small changes to behaviours that could make a big difference and we hope that by taking these sensible steps we can all continue as normal a life as possible during these very surreal times.

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